Bowfin Was Born Out of Salesforce

Our delivery team started in Salesforce's Services group
and brought with it the expertise to drive your customer growth.

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Salesforce and Enterprise CRM

Our team is built with people who have worked on some of Salesforce’s biggest rollouts. Comprised of Business Strategy, UX, Visual Design and Technology experts, Bowfin leverages our extensive Salesforce and Consulting experience to transform and enhance your customer success.

Our unique position as both a Salesforce Partner and a Digital Strategy Agency, gives us an unmatched perspective when considering your external audience pipelines. Whether you’re talking to customers, users, donors, prospective students or members: we understand what it takes to deliver effective, cogent and impact-driven messages from end-to-end. Bowfin’s unmatched Salesforce experience enables us to provide our clients with complete solutions that allow them to deliver better human experiences and increase revenue.

Systems Integration

The Bowfin team has unmatched expertise designing integration architectures and building bridges between every type of cloud and legacy system imaginable.

Your success depends on having accurate data that you can respond to in real time. Integration between systems becomes a place where bottlenecks can happen, and where Bowfin can optimize your business.

Our integration approach starts with a thorough Business Process Review. Then we work across your current infrastructure focusing on your future plans to deliver scalable recommendations based on your unique business and user requirements.

Functionality and cross-platform user-experience is only one side of the coin. Our data team always focuses on ensuring your content and data are held to the highest standards across integration points, and that information moves effectively across your systems.

Human Experience Design

At Bowfin, we believe that great human experiences are more important (and impactful for your brand) than just “clicks”.

Our team has a single goal: to create thoughtful solutions that allow our clients to tell their stories in meaningful ways. And when they do, the results are exceptional.

We design our experiences to drive engagement, create attention in the market, acquire customers, increase per-person spend, build loyalty, and ultimately to increase profitability and reach for our clients.

And while our experiences start in the digital realm, they always cross over into the real world. Our mission: better human experience. When this happens, and our clients’ brand affinity is rewarded, we know that we have done our jobs and created an impactful solution that has transformed yet another business.

Website Design & CMS Development

Websites that align with strategic goals and support business processes are the foundation of efficient, cogent customer interactions. They are a key driver of customer affinity.

Our UX, design and development teams understand the evolving needs of the web, and deliver award-winning solutions that make our clients’ brands more successful, engaging, connected and profitable.

With dozens of expert team members, our experience in website development and delivering customer solutions is unmatched in Digital Transformation Strategy, Content Management Systems, E-Commerce, Data Analytics, User Experience Design, Social Media Strategy, System Integration, Design Research,  Brand Strategy, and Search Engine Optimization.

Custom Application & Emerging Technology Development

We combine traditional web & mobile development with Salesforce and web services to deliver engaging applications for customers, staff, donors, students and other audiences.

Our development team ensures that beyond delivering exceptional experiences, we create solutions that are attractive, connected, stable, secure and compliant. Our platform development covers a variety of technologies including: Heroku, AWS, React, Node, Ruby on Rails, and Microservices.

Bowfin’s delivery services and optimized platform approach allow organizations to extend their digital strategies through ROI-centric and scalable methods.

Strategy Consulting

Our strategists help organizations design and build better human experiences.

We work with the leading digital platforms, content management systems, marketing automation and Salesforce CRM platforms to deliver the best strategic deliverables for your organization’s needs.

Our collaborative approach allows us to create a shared vision for transforming your marketing, technology or operations. We then determine the priority elements and create small deliverables that quickly and effectively drive engagement and ROI.

Digital Communities

Organizations that want to directly engage core, internal and external audiences rely on Bowfin’s Digital Community experts for end-to-end service.

In today’s world, internal audiences (staff, employees, faculty, volunteers, partners, etc.) as well as your customers (product owners, students, donors, members, etc.) respond to the impact brands and technologies have on their lives.

Whether we’re helping your team develop a cutting-edge strategy, designing easy-to-use communities, managing implementation & configuration, or just providing ongoing innovation & support, we will be by your side to develop ROI-focused community solutions.

For companies who want to directly engage customers, partners and employees, our digital community experts offer end-to-end services including overall strategy, community design, implementation and ongoing innovation.

Analytics, Business Intelligence & Machine Learning

Businesses today need deep predictive knowledge to drive their strategic decisions – Bowfin’s Analytics & Business Intelligence (BI) teams can help.

At Bowfin, we help clients leverage the power of Salesforce Einstein, Periscope, and IBM Watson to deliver actionable insights and make smarter decisions faster. Whether you are hoping to increase operational performance, drive efficiency or enhance profitability, we can create opportunities to leverage and integrate your data to drive real time information from your board-room to the field.

Our team of analysts and architects work with your teams to build sound architectures and integration systems to leverage data efficiently. All this while creating a human-experience to enhance intuitive understanding and control of core dashboards & reports.

Digital Transformation & Content Management

We tame the chaos in your message and operations, and deliver brand-focused, goal-driven human solutions.

Whether Bowfin teams are working by your side to transform your customer experiences, or reinventing your business processes to help you leverage technology to gain efficiency, we are always looking for opportunities based on client patterns. Our goal is to connect the dots, avoid distractions, and help streamline your processes.

We leverage intellectual and emotional interaction to create better human experiences. This means combining data, user-expectations and creative solutions to deliver strategic solutions that empower your brand. Our cross-disciplinary strategy, creative, UX and technology experts ask the right questions to help guide clients through their needs. We work to find opportunities and challenges to define strategic vision and deliver career-changing solutions.

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