Creating a Salesforce user-experience to fuel effeciency for over
500 Quicken Customer Support agents around the world.


Project Description


Since 1984, Quicken has transformed the financial lives of millions of consumers, and remains the top personal money management software. True to their roots, they continue to focused on making their product & experience better than ever and remain deeply committed to helping customers improve their financial lives through their role within Intuit.

That approach needed to continue when Intuit decided to divest their stake in Quicken to an investment group. However, there was a technical and data problem that needed to be addressed. In short, how could the quicken team seperate their customer data from the existing Intuit Salesforce instance, yet continue to support the hundreds of thousands of Quicken customers who relied on their support lines to manage their finances. To solve this problem (through a Salesforce org split), they reached out the only the biggest and the best consulting firms in the country. As a boutique Salesforce firm, Bowfin immediately understood the challenge before us.  In addition to seperating the two Salesforce organizations, we needed to keep several web services operational based on the terms of the technology agreement.

Managing the maintenance and consistency of web services & processes, while ensuring the data never crossed between the two systems was one of the most rewarding challenges our team has solved.


By leveraging advanced Salesforce functionality, with custom integration code and refined dashboards, the two systems work seamlessly, yet independently. We worked hand-in-hand with Quicken leadership, their internal support teams, and outsourced support vendor to ensure that the new system worked seamlessly from a design, configuration and roll-out standpoint. With Bowfin’s hybrid-agile approach, we were able to deliver the project on-time and on-budget. With the success of the launch, Bowfin continues to support Quicken with ongoing system integrations, productivity enhancements, and user-experience innovations. This allows Quicken to focus on their core business and to evolve as a new and independent software leader.


In 2016, Intuit needed to rebuild a separate Salesforce portal for their Quicken Support team, and Bowfin was with them every step of the way. We met with key leadership to develop a business transition plan, completed a split of the two organizations’ Salesforce instances, and trained the core Quicken support team (including planning for training of 800+ support team members) to use the new customer support system.

The Process

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The successful deployment of Intuit & Quicken’s org split represented one of the most technical projects ever attempted in Salesforce. With key communications and development tasks well defined, we were able to deliver incredible results, including: