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Driven to redefine logistics for the refrigerated truckload market.

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Project Description


Degroot Logistics had reached a critical milestone. The company was born from one of the leading farms in the midwest, so they understand refrigerated trucking logistics in real terms that very few companies could fully grasp. At their inception, they selected as their platform for managing carrier loads, as they knew the Salesforce back-bone would support the millions of real-time data points required to track individual produce loads and coordinate them with trucks that were on the go. After several years of working with an individual Salesforce developer, they knew they needed to take a more rigorous approach to developing their features, and rolling them out to logistics coordinators who were tasked with connecting produce and trucks. That was when they searched the Chicago area market for a leading Salesforce integration provider, and one who could help get their teams to the next level in terms of features, functionality, efficiency, and product management.


Bowfin started with a day of business process review. We take pride in learning a client’s business, and the complexity of DeGroot Logistic’s data needs, coupled with real-time tracking of trucking carrier loads was one of the more complicated challenges we have encountered. We quickly put the right team on board, to not only learn their business, but also get experience learning and developing within some of their system’ s plug-in platforms. Within a matter of weeks, we were proud to have a small team of new “refrigerated trucking logistics experts” who started rethinking how the data and user-experience could be enhanced.

Working with Degroot’s founder and leadership team, we deployed advanced Salesforce dashboards and further integrated with third-party systems, providing the team with a whole new look at their business.


DeGroot Logistics is a strategic leader in the refrigerated truckload and logistics market. Tracking thousands of carriers and produce suppliers was an enormous challenge, so they implemented the industry leader,, to better manage their business operations. With a basic installation complete, they reached out the Bowfin to enhance the system and create new features and dashboards to increase their operational efficiencies. This allows their team to seamlessly connect carriers with the suppliers who need to deliver their projects to market. Their dedicate team of analysts ensure that carriers can keep their trucks moving and suppliers can move their produce in temperature controlled environments 24 X 7. By integrating their unrivaled, “Quickpay” solutions to carriers, they are not only driving efficiencies in the market, but their drivers are paid in less than 24 hours upon delivery, with no hidden charges/ fees/ discounts – something the industry has never seen before.

The Process


The successful deployment of the new interfaces resulted in decreased call time and increased efficiency for all agents at Degroot Logistics. With these new tools, the Degroot team is able to collect data in ways that they hadn’t before, and the new analysis tools that were implemented allow the team to make better and faster business decisions.